Are an insured and licensed Aerial Photography, Inspection and Filming company using the latest drone technology based in Lincolnshire, but available UK and EU-wide! We provide a wide variety of aerial photography and video services such as Events, 3D Modelling, Inspections, Surveys, Estate Agent Property & Golf Course Photography and Thermal Imagery. Our drones are equipped with Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras capable of 5.2K Aerial Filming and Photography up to a height of 400 feet.

Whatever your Aerial Photography or Filming/Video requirements we can help. With years of experience operating unmanned aircraft we have the experience and flying skills to provide you with the ultimate drone pilot services. 

Drone Inspection and Surveys

Our drone photography and videography services  can produce amazing results with 4k quality video and HD images that bring a pin sharp aerial perspective to your storytelling. We can produce cost effective content for you to use as marketing or promotional material on your website or social media platforms. The technology available to use is simply astounding and allows us to capture breath-taking photos or videos from all angles.

Our ultra-high definition aerial video and photography services have been contracted for a wide range of services including golf courses, farming areas, land for sale and a range of buildings, In fact our UAV/ Drone surveys and Inspection services can be employed for just about any reason.

Precision Agriculture

We use the latest NDVI Drone farming technology which enables us to provide an efficient and cost-effective service providing invaluable and actionable data to farmers. Once all data has been sourced it can be viewed that day and can be shared to your team and agronomists. With each set of data taken we can provide surface models, Orthomosaic models, NDVI and 3D Modelling. This aerial data can then be analysed and compared to any previous drone agricultural data taken, information that has been described as exceptional and invaluable by many of our customers.

Aerial Property Photography

A unique, dynamic and an inexpensive way of enabling a property to stand out on the UK’s property market. Our dedicated professional drone pilots use the latest and best drones to provide incredible cinematic videos and UHD (Ultra Hight Definition) aerial images of UK properties.

The aim of our Property Photography Service is to produce exceptional images and videos to show off properties and make them stand out on a very busy market. This can help enhance the properties appearance and has been proven to be an extremely powerful marketing tool on many properties in the South West including properties in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cirencester and the surrounding areas.

Roof & Building Inspections

Our Aerial Building and Roof Inspections Service provides a cost effective and safe way of taking pictures and video of any hard to reach area. Using cherry pickers and scaffolding is no longer a viable way of carrying out aerial inspections especially when compared to our ultra-modern inspection drones which are capable of zooming in on any crack or damage at any altitude up to 400ft. We also provide inspectors, surveyors, architects, builders and maintenance staff a live feed from the drone using our remote ground station screens ensuring you’re getting the exact pictures and videos you require.

We regularly carry out inspections and surveys on commercial buildings, houses, roofs, schools, churches, spires, wind turbines, towers and stadiums.

3D modelling & visualisation, Virtual tours (VR/AR)

Using the latest and best 3D modelling drones we can provide photo realistic models of structures and landscapes. 3D Models allow Engineers, Architects and Designers to visualise and interpret high quality and accurate information without having to be present at the site/location.

Once a mission has been planned using the most accurate aerial 3D modelling and surveying software it can then be flown daily if required to track progress and provide up to date information for any project. All model data can be shared and analysed on the cloud as well as used to take measurements and share annotations. We can provide accurate volumetric measurements of stockpiles quickly and efficiently especially when compared to older methods. Using our 3D models, we can also analyse as-built construction site data and compare it to past 3D Models and designs and share this information as required.

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