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Lucky English

Lucky English" is an interactive app designed to teach early learners and ESL students the fundamentals of English phonics. With engaging visuals and sounds, each letter of the alphabet is paired with an image to make learning intuitive and fun.

The app is aimed at providing an enjoyable educational journey for children, helping them develop language skills through interactive play. For more details, you can visit the App Store

CleanApp Ltd.

The launch of marks a significant achievement in our quest to simplify everyday challenges through technology.

This platform enables consumers to easily find and book cleaning services, demonstrating our ability to develop practical, user-friendly applications that address real-world needs. The seamless web application is both mobile responsive and soon to be available in the app stores as a native application.

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JOL Corporation Ltd.

We have developed a cutting-edge web and mobile application for JOL Corporation that seamlessly connects users to local services. This innovative solution showcases our commitment to user-centric design and service discovery. Our collaboration with JOL Corporation exemplifies our dedication to transforming customer engagement in the digital era.

Grants AI Ltd.

Our collaboration with stands as a testament to the power of artificial intelligence in transforming ideas into reality. By integrating open-sourced models with our proprietary datasets, we've developed a cutting-edge AI system, utilizing popular LLMs and our own custom models to really bring value to their clientele.

This project not only challenged our team's technical skills but also reinforced our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that drive client success.

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The development of a sequence builder and animator for has been a journey into the intersection of technology and wellness. Our aim was to craft a tool that not only serves the functional needs of a Yoga Specialist but also enhances the overall user experience.

This endeavour showcases our dedication to creating solutions that are both innovative and intuitive.

Lambda Research Corp.

We revamped Lambda Research Corporation's website with the latest technologies for optimal performance and a visually appealing design. Our SEO-focused marketing strategy led to a significant increase in trial requests and revenue, with SEO ratings tripling in less than a year. Our team's expertise in engaging the target audience effectively converted them into customers.

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Mobilizz Inc.

We rebuilt Mobilizz Inc.'s website, integrating it with their accounting systems to enhance sales, customer onboarding, and revenue. Our tailored software solutions optimize operations, ensuring smooth functionality and cost savings. As trusted tech consultants, we provide custom solutions to keep them ahead in the telematics industry in Canada.


The Stack, Oxford Properties

The Stack AR app revolutionizes real estate presentation. It's not just an app—it's a portable portal to The Stack, Vancouver's architectural marvel. Experience a 3D tour with clickable hotspots that reveal the building's sustainable features and design innovations. Ideal for showcasing to clients, the app brings floor plans to life with renderings of outdoor decks and panoramic city views, emphasizing The Stack's LEED Platinum and Net Zero Carbon vision.


Circle Check IOS App

The app simplifies vehicle inspections for drivers, ensuring compliance with US and Canadian laws. It includes a GPS location feature and integrates with the Geotab API for real-time tracking of the vehicle's location and status.

The app has a user-friendly interface and offers a convenient and efficient solution for drivers to conduct vehicle inspections. It is a must-have for any fleet manager or trucking company looking to streamline their vehicle inspection process, save time, money and improve the overall safety of their fleet.


NAV Canada

NAV Canada uses AR technology to train air traffic control employees with an immersive experience in navigating a control tower and gaining insights into terminals. The app offers a realistic view of the tower, user-friendly design, and intuitive interface for effective learning, ensuring safety for the flying public.



The MAVSDK-Swift library is a powerful tool for controlling PX4 UAVs through the MAVLink communication protocol. It is open-source and maintained by Auterion, and the app built with it is highly efficient and user-friendly.

As a maintainer and contributor to the library, the speaker ensures the app is up-to-date, troubleshoots bugs, and contributes to new feature development. Being part of the development team is rewarding. We are proud of the cutting-edge technologies they are creating for the future of UAVs and industries.